christopher steadman opens in moscow

image: video still by christopher steadman

video artist christopher steadman exhibiting in moscow

24 May – 10 June 2012
Petrova st. 25. 107031 Moscow
The modern city is more than just a thickly settled agglomeration of architectural and engineering structures. It is a metropolis, absorbing millions of inhabitants. It is a settlement subordinated to the logic of industrial development. It is a small town, where time glides. It is a habitat that have known better days and unneeded now.

According to the rules of formal logic a double statement is not a denial, but merely reinforces the statement. However, contrary to logic, whether a double statement is a denial or a statement depends on intonation. The intonation is determined by an artist.

Кристофер Стэдман, Германия, «Единственный путь вниз – это спуск»

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