in praise of the worth of women

artist painting a musician's portrait, by marguerite gerard (1761-1837) 

"I say that everything men can understand, women can too; and where a man’s intellect can penetrate, so along with it can a woman’s.

If you study ancient and modern history -- although men have always been very sparing in their praise of women -- you will find that there have been women who waged wars and won glorious victories, governed great kingdoms with the greatest prudence and justice, and done all that men have done.

As for learning, cannot you recall reading of many women who knew philosophy, of others who have been consummate poets, others who prosecuted, accused and defended before judges with the greatest eloquence?

Who does not realize that without women we can get no pleasure or satisfaction out of life, which but for them would be more uncouth and savage than that of wild beasts?

If we really consider the truth, we shall also recognize that in our understanding of great issues, far from distracting us they awaken our minds, and in warfare they make men fearless and bold beyond measure."

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J said...

Mrs Tape, what do you think of this?

I've heard that Eastern European nations have been highly conservative towards sexuality, particularly with the post communist revival of the church in old soviet bloc countries, with pride parades needing police protection from the outraged mob sometimes.
I personally think that churches should keep their snouts out of people's pants, and if the politicians don't like homosexuality then then should set an example and stop sucking the clergy's dicks.