the passion of lovers... the glory of bauhaus

if Lord Byron, Keats and Shelley had had electric guitars... they would be Bauhaus:

A gut pull drag on me 
Into the calm gaping we 
Mirrors multi reflecting this 
Between spunk stained sheet and odorous whim 

Calm eye-flick shudder within 
Assist me to walk away from sin 
Where is the string that Theseus laid? 
Find me out in this labyrinth place


the fallen angel social club said...

you have to love bauhaus ... they come from a town down the road from me and I met Pete Murphy a couple of times way back when

girlontape said...

so girlontape is one virtual degree of separation from Peter Murphy... what an honor :))

Hugo Nofx said...

BAUHAUS forever!

girlontape said...

AMEN! xxx