ground control boomeranged...

... as so many of them are wont to do.

The passage of time has its advantages, among them, acquiring the sure & certain knowledge that, if it was good for me, it was amazing for him; if I felt passionate, he felt even more so. No matter how they behave after… especially if they behave badly afterwards.

A year after Ground Control brought my spaceship back to earth, he materialized once again out of the welter of being and nothingness. In a club, of course. Where he cornered me, and the following conversation ensued:

Ground Control: Do you remember me?

Stef: Of course.

Ground Control: And… do you remember… last year… in the morning… I gave you my number?

Stef: Uh-huh.

Ground Control: Yeah, so… I was wondering if… maybe… you lost it?

Stef: No. Why do you ask?

Ground Control: Because I waited for days for you to call, and you never did. So I thought maybe you lost my number.

Stef: You said such awful things to me as you were writing it down, that I threw it away as soon as you left.

Ground Control: You’re kidding… what did I say!?!?

Stef: You said… blablablabla.

Ground Control: I did not.

Stef: Did too.

Ground Control: Jesus. I can’t believe I was such an asshole.

Stef: I couldn’t either. Especially since I thought we had a nice time.

Ground Control: I had a great time. In fact, it was the best I had before or since. After meeting you I went back to Paris and I broke up with my girlfriend.

Stef: C’est la vie…

Ground Control: I'm thinking about moving to BA... do you have a boyfriend?

Stef: How beautiful you are… sorry gotta split!

Ground Control: Give me a call if you’re ever in Paris!


giardigno65 said...

ground control to major Stef ...

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jeje que buen articulo...

girlontape said...

le digo la pelotudez de la chonguez...