the ties that bind

minigirlontape and her minisister, circa 1970

Of that holiday all I remember is the little boy who once grabbed me, shouting:
"I Love You!! Do You Love Me??"
"Yes!" I shouted back.
And he stuck his tongue in my mouth.
Then he ran up to my sister and stuck his tongue in her mouth too.
And that was how girlontape first found out that men are traitors and hos.
Of course, I took it out on my sister
...which was nothing new in our brief lives up to that point: she was the youngest, therefore my subject/slave/toy.
To this day she still berates me with things like:
"Remember when you threw that shoe at me?!? I still have the scar...look!"
To which I answer: "Hmmm...I don't see any scar. Remember when I bit you just to see what blood looks like?"
"No! OMG you're so gonna pay for that!!!!"
"Quit your whining...don't forget I lent you my bitchin camaro for a whole summer!"
Etc, etc, etc.

Notice the clear symptoms of Stockholm syndrome in the picture below:

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