love is in the air

president obama, to a guest at his open house: Enjoy yourself, roam around. Don't break anything.

dennis ferrer: I've touched the sky because of you.

pony boy black: There're a lot of freaks & beautiful weirdos in this world.

donna summer: Upside down you're turning me, you give me love instinctively.

diego: You give me fever.

grace jones: I love you to life.

marley: I'm fat, so what? I'm your cat. Shut down Guantanamo already. Make love not war.


Maarten said...

Oops that was Diana Ross singing 'upside down you turn me'

Otherwise, nice blog!

Ray said...

Thanks for your comments. And for your part in the campaign to Free Roxana--I'm sure you're as relieved about her now as I am. Seems like we'll have more issues to tackle. Is there a less public way to communicate with you? (Tried, but failed.)