le rayon vert/the green ray

Last night, fabulous party in Palermo: the girls swooned over Red Mega Tone lead singer as he rocked the house in my grandma's astrakhan jacket while the boys drooled over this new Brit invasion band's fetching lead accordionist. Alan tried unsuccessfully to get Greg drunk on gancia batidos while I got lost in our hosts' endless, flawlessly appointed mansion searching for a bathroom with a mirror. I eventually found one with a weird red doll. Was she smiling at me, or was she smiling just because? Meanwhile the cool & groovy actress DJ took us higher and higher, but the cherry on top had to be that wicked green laser snaking all over the dance floor.


Ri said...

¿Porque esta tan de moda el astracán?

fashion fascist said...

está de moda por que I said so

marrano said...

cuanta fiesta tana!!!

a su salud!!!

stefania f. said...

ojalá coincidimos pronto marrano!!!!

Lexi said...

suerte que me escribiste, arreglando mi blog había perdido el tuyo!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

me gusta tu blox
tuve en la party de barban
fotos captaron la onda
mi grupet limo en la punta de la pile
luego destruimos el dancefloor
penetieso is my name

goth dominatrix said...

penetieso you're a very, very, very bad boy...lastima q no traje mi látigo

Simpática y puntual said...

por muchas fotos y fiestas más!

stefania f. said...

I want MORE

Anonymous said...

i dont need no goth dominatrix
fiesta lisergica de dia?en los gardens de barban?
mr penetieso

stefania f. said...

es un rechazo o una invitación?

Anonymous said...

una invitacion!!!!

stefania f. said...

tell me more
major tommy tiene mis datos

Anonymous said...

ya me comunicare via sir tommy.

Tommy Barban said...

Eso, penetieso, una beach party con pelota playera y tablas de telgopor con los beach boys de fondo! Ya mismo nos ponemos en campaña.

stefania f. said...

The world could come together as one
If everybody under the sun
Add some music to your day

Beach Boys

Anonymous said...

beach acid party spring/summer 07.
Asi te la defino
Hay que mandar mucha gente de viaje.
Vi mucho este blox.
Soy poco bloxer:leo 4.
Este me gusta mucho,la verdad..estoy muy plomo con los elogios.Casi zalamero.

Simpática y puntual said...

yo musicalizo la tarde con oldies :

doris day
chet baker
dinah washington
frank sinatra
billie holiday
y un carmen miranda para los daikiris

stefania f. said...

thank you Mr. P...y muchos daiquiris please....

Mi Dinah favorita:

What a difference a day made
Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain....