srebrenica i do rebel

I’ve been writing about Srebrenica for my day job at the news agency, and crying. Today is the 17th anniversary of the slaughter, and several hundred newly identified bodies were laid to rest... New York Rabbi Arthur Schneier was there. Schneier survived the camps, but his family did not. 

He said, ''I did not rebel against God or against humanity because of my experiences.'' 
"Islam is submission," says my friend the Pakistani princess.
"Pride is a deadly sin," say the Christians. 
Just before I left Argentina, I went to a shrink. I said, "You live among vicious people too long, you get dirty inside. Please Doc... help me get this dirt off my shoulder."
Hate spoils the survivors. It's like acid, radiation - you get exposed, you start to rot. And all the religions transmit coded messages to help us overcome, evolve.
Well Doc like the Rabbi was a holy man. He debriefed me enough so I could make it back to my home galaxy more or less in one piece... but it takes a bigger woman than me to overcome. So yes I'm still a sinner... Srebrenica I do rebel.


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