OK, Jeremy

"We need to use the social media to create a new economy and a new society for the world. That’s your job. That’s the mission of the blogs all over the world. I would say spread the narrative – spread the story. October 15 is an example."

from Jeremy Rifkin's interview with the web observer after his speech at Rome's Teatro Valle, which opened in 1727, and which has been occupied by artists since June 14
the Teatro Valle float at Occupy Rome, Oct. 15

"The locus of control over energy production and distribution is beginning to tilt from giant fossil fuel based centralized energy companies to millions of small producers, who are generating their own renewable energies in their dwellings and trading surpluses in info-energy commons.

The new era will bring with it a reorganization of power relationships across every level of society.

While the fossil fuel-based First and Second Industrial Revolutions scaled vertically and favored centralized, top-down organizational structures operating in markets, the Third Industrial Revolution is organized nodally, scales laterally, and favors distributed and collaborative business practices that work most effectively in networks.

The "democratization of energy" has profound implications for how we orchestrate the entirety of human life in the coming century. We are entering the era of "Distributed Capitalism."

The adversarial relationship between sellers and buyers is replaced by a collaborative relationship between suppliers and users. Self-interest is subsumed by shared interest.

The new focus on transparency over secrecy is based on the premise that adding value to the network doesn't depreciate ones own stock, but, rather, appreciates everyone's holdings as equal nodes in a common endeavor."

Excerpt from Rifkin's latest book, The Third Industrial Revolutionreproduced from The Huffington Post

Occupy Rome, Oct. 15


J said...

Mr Rifkin has some big dreams there, but how soon will we all have fusion reactors in our basement?
Quickly, I hope (but doubt), because oil is going....going...going....

girlontape said...

not so sure oil reserves are actually dying out. they say we have another century's worth. the point is... to switch to something else... that won't kill us.

J said...

True there is a lot of left, but it becomes more expensive to get out the ground as supplies deplete.
That's not the full story of oil price because there is the social/business side adding to consumer cost- but the basic price has to rise.
It's debatable whether replacement can be found before it becomes a massive problem, amd nightmare complicated to try and figure it out.
(Of course, depending on where you live, it's already a massive problem).

girlontape said...

Oil = Death

J said...

I want to plunge into a sea of crude!
Drown in it!
Oil! Oil! Oil!

J said...

Anyway I followed up your lead and watched some Jeremy Rifkin stuff and he's got some interesting things to say.

girlontape said...

Yay! Jeremy will be happy

J said...

Interesting, but possibly a little bit at variance to reality.
Oh well, no one is perfect, as they say.

J said...

There have been some stories surfacing lately about sticking a fusion reactor in the basement ( I was joking at the time )


highly controversial, possibly a tragic hoax, time will tell.