little shots of happiness

Waking up not knowing where you are then remembering: He loves me – it’s true. I can’t wait to see him again…

Stepping out late at night with the dogs, realizing the shadowy creature nosing about in the grass is a fox - a messenger from a wild and secret world - and thinking: How beautiful you are – how marvelous! Run away little one… be safe…

Going into your favorite church in Rome one evening, and they're chanting in a long slow wailing melody, so ancient and filled with yearning; and you’re drawn up, up, up towards the delicately flying angels.

Snoopy writing It Was A Dark And Stormy Night.

You’re standing under a tree in the middle of the afternoon, and someone starts playing the piano in a house nearby: it flows out the window like a stream, clear and swirling, flashing and flowing; and that bird in the branches, those crickets in the grass, you yourself, are the pebbles over which it flows and you think, like Nikolay Rostov listening to Natasha’s song: Will the lovers be united… will good triumph over evil? What are they compared to this…? The only thing that matters is this music… oh it’s marvelous… what marvelous things human beings are capable of, after all… I wish it would never end…!

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