death be not proud, for thou cannot kill me (john donne)

Like kartina would say, every week has its own obsessions: mine right now is the British Orpheus, aka henry purcellHe died aged 36, having given the world some of its most sublime music. 

Among his greatest interpreters are klaus nomi, who died aged 39, and andreas scholl... who thankfully is still here to regale us with his art.

Here's what andreas says about klaus: "He was one of the first victims of AIDS in the music world. He wasn’t accepted in music academies, so he worked as a baker and as an extra in the Essen Opera House.

Later he left Germany to live in New York, where he became a member of a vibrant world of eccentric artists as part of the gay music scene. He always had these wonderful costumes – some people claim that David Bowie copied Klaus Nomi’s style. He was on the verge of a huge breakthrough when he died."

Here is one of Klaus' last performances of Henry's marvelous cold song, when he was already mortally ill: 

And here is Andreas' tribute to Klaus, from his 2011 recording of Purcell songs and arias:

What power art thou
Who from below
Hast made me rise
Unwillingly and slow
From beds of everlasting snow?


Alelí said...

no puedo más que admirar la fortaleza de estos seres...que van más allá de todos los límites.

girlontape said...

seres sublimes... artistas que lo dieron todo Alelí... me hace bien saber que estuvieron y están...