no kneeling allowed on this blog MF

thank you J for this invigorating piece of antipapist agitprop!


J said...

Aye, y'welcome.
Lyrics here too.

I don't wanna be no Catholic boy
I just wanna have some fun
I don't wanna be no Catholic boy
And get beat by the nuns

I don't wanna kneel, I don't wanna feel
Guilty supression
I wanna beat my meat right in the street
Dominus vobiscum

The kids are passing out in the pew
I'm looking for a hanging jew
Don't wanna be no fool
Go to no procial school

I don't wanna be no Catholic boy
I just wanna live in sin
I don't wanna be no Catholic boy
I don't wanna have to say amen
(I just can't seem to get into the habit)

girlontape said...

punk rock makes me so happy

j said...

Well, seeing as you support the students, and seeing as I had my human rights abused by the riot police at the Westminster demo - for doing nothing naughty - here's a few more, courtesy of the Great Global IT Monster.

The Clash : White Riot

Stiff Little Fingers : Suspect Device

Babylon's Burning

UK Subs : Riot


girlontape said...

i hope they left you in one piece, are you going to sue them for police brutality?

also glad you refrained from mayhem, which is counterproductive as we know,

must be tough being her majesty's subjects but i can tell your spirit is unbroken :)

J said...

Hmm, I kept out of the rough stuff, but they have crowd control tactics that are being challenged legally and which a lot of people are unhappy with, including me.
I wouldn't put any personal legal stuff on google blogger.

Anyway, if that all wasn't enough for you, in tribute to the Boney M singer who died,

Snuff : Rivers of Babylon

That should do you.
Thanks, bye!

girlontape said...

thanks for the heads up! when i was a little girl and you were still stardust, we used to dance to boney m in our bedroom.... daddy was way cool.