mouthing off

bob dylan: I've only known careless love

the strategist: you should think about finding a partner before you get too old to play the field

an xy: every guy secretly believes his cock is the best you ever had & you won't be able to live without it

the smooth operator: no pressure, it's now or never

an intellectual: sometimes all you want is to forget, to forget

bob dylan: it's always hit me from below


teardrop manor said...

mine've been like Verlaine's and Rimbaud

girlontape said...

for crying out loud!

teardrop manor said...

say somethin' positive? Well positive ain't where I lived

girlontape said...

if it had been you'd have messenger by now, but no
we have to chat by retarded
in other news, how bout that suitcase huh? that sure puts a sardonic smile on my face when all else fails

tm said...

huh? what suitcase? u have me pegged wrong--

girlontape said...

dude...come on, miami, the affair of the spy, the functionary, the businessman, the blonde secretary & the suitcase with $800,000...too bad you're not working that trial, what a blast that would be