stef & stripes


giardigno65 said...

stars and stripes !!!

girlontape said... stella essendo il mio gatto Grillo - che come il suo omonimo, chiacchiera tanto e si intrufola dappertutto!

J said...

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead !?

Anonymous said...

I will now list my 10 favourite self portraits from your webby site

stef de 5 a 7
- like the clothes like the stairs like the slight downcast and careful tread

but I'm a million different
- Into the White, space cadet in leopard spots

pink puppy
- it's just, it's....

storm coming
- shadow undulate shade light lean tense body

pink dress
- pink

- ....?!

valley of the dolls

thank you come again
- confounded

emotions and relations
- sexy mind space

brooklyn jacket
- boyish sexy

...not that you were polling opinions, but...

girlontape said...

thank you J - was just feeling kinda down about my photography actually so your words are balm to my creativity...

Mari Pops said...

where is my favorite blog??????

girlontape said...

hiya Mary I know I have been remiss - thank you for the encouragement I guess I've been kinda out of touch with my girlontape alter ego, time to get back into the girlGroove! besos mil amiga!

Anonymous said...

Artists are feeling the squeeze due to economics, I think, people looking to spend on stuff other than art - hence less general appreciation.
Wind turbines are growth area, though, if you can make a wind turbine look as sexy as your photos...
Or maybe that's a stupid idea and I don't know anything about it, too much coffee today.

girlontape said...

LOL J i will mos def give that one a thought - sexy wind turbines. the way forward!

J said...

Briefly tried to match photos with Pixies tracks, but failed on all except Into The White.

J said...

... and Stormy Weather.