the age of innocence

Some things suck royally. For example all the ways you keep proving what a fraud you are & therefore must have been all along, and how do I keep from being degraded by that?

When along comes this message from a boy who sat behind me in elementary school: You had long hair and glasses and you were so sweet. It's been 35 years but I just wanted you to know I was so in love with you.

The very same day Christopher sends me this picture: I see us ten years ago. I see me and I think, I am still that vibrant loving truthful person and no one can take that away from me, not even you.

some call me the gangster of love

girlontape: De ahora en más, todos culpables hasta comprobar su inocencia.
nómade en su feudo: O sea que todos culpables. Pero que tengan algún encanto...un acento british por ej.
tu marido: Soy una máquina de cometer errores.
fab: En un rato llegan todas tus mejores amigas a mi casa a tomar un té, vos no estás invitada.
nómade en su feudo: Por un sólo chiste cínico con acento british me entrego.
girlontape: Extraño a tu marido. Devolvemelo.


girlontape: That's it. From now on they're all guilty until proven innocent.
nomad in her feud: A case none of them can make, which is why they should come equipped with some kind of charm. Like a Brit accent.
your husband: I'm nothing but an error-generating machine.
fab: All your closest girlfriends are coming over for tea and you're not invited.
nomad in her feud: I'm willing to surrender my body for just one cynical joke in a Brit accent.
girlontape: I miss your husband. Give him back.

charly darling

girlworld exhibit

vengan a ver mi muestra
en el beautiful sula bar
guatemala 4802 esq. borges
hasta el 23.11

pormenores de algunas infelicidades

soft cell I toss & turn I can't sleep at night
el morocho por que es mediocre y todos lo odian
la morocha por ser inexorablemente condenada al éxito total
la rubia por que busca sexo incognito, pero vive en un pañuelo
el rubio por sentirse constantemente un escalón más abajo, y a eso no hay remedio
yo por haber sido sólo un objeto de codicia sin darme cuenta
vos por que ni te podes pajear sin llorar
soft cell don't touch me please, I cannot stand the way you tease

small grounds for unhappiness

soft cell and you think love is to pray
the brainy boytoy because he's mediocre & everybody hates him
the gorgeous diva for being fatally condemned to overwhelming success
the hottie because she's looking for an under-cover lover in a one-horse town
the alpha male because he constantly feels a notch below, and there's no way to fix that
me because I was just an object of greed the entire time & didn't know it
you because you can't even jerk off without crying
soft cell but I'm sorry I don't pray that way


el jueves 23 de octubre inauguro

my show opens thursday october 23

cat power for cristian & for me too

losing the star without a sky
losing the reasons why

I once was lost but now I'm found
was blind but now I see you

metal heart you're not hiding
metal heart you're not worth a thing

chan marshall

miss you

Extraño al amo que tenía y al esclavo que casi tuve.

I miss the master I used to have and the slave I almost had.

to all noble, and worthy ladies

Poetry, which is built upon Fancy, Women may claim as a worke belonging most properly to themselves: for I have observ'd, that their Braines work usually in a Fantasticall motion.

lady margaret cavendish, 1653

summertime by ella

time to play my favorite tune again

one of these mornings
you're goin to rise up singing
then you'll spread your wings
and you'll take the sky

heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard 
are sweeter

Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought.
When old age shall this generation waste 

Thou shalt remain a friend to man, to whom thou say'st:

Beauty is truth, truth beauty;
That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

un amigo sostiene que donde aparece el sexo entre dos personas, aparece también un objeto, una propiedad -como si fuera una laptop o un auto nuevo- codiciada por ambos; y a veces es imposible tanto de compartir como de soltar ese objeto

according to a friend of mine, wherever sex arises between two people there also appears a desirable property, like an object - say a new car, or a laptop; and sometimes it becomes impossible to either share or let go of this object