famous for never, by peter nolan smith

a frame from CARBOARD NOIR, with text by PETER NOLAN SMITH
FAMOUS FOR NEVER is a semi-fictional recounting of the life of a ne’er-do-well living in the East Village during the 1970s, Paris throughout the 1980s, and Asia for the 1990s. Peter Nolan Smith’s pingponging through the world ricocheted him through the ranks of the famous and near-famous such as Jean Michel-Basquiat and Klaus Nomi without success ever threatening his firm grasp on failure, for there is no failure greater than premature success.

la bendicion de los animales / the blessing of the animals

ayer girlontape fue a una iglesia muy especial: el dia de san antonio abate, protector de los animales domésticos, en un pueblo cerca de roma, la gente lleva a sus animales a la iglesia…. 

mi caballo Killing Hawk (Halcòn Matador) nos llevo a todos: los que están y los que no, los que siguen en argentina y los de una amiga en uruguay! 

on the day of st. anthony the protector of domestic animals, people in canale monterano village near rome take their non-human loved ones to church. 

Killing Hawk my horse for the day took me and all my loved ones - those at home, those still in argentina, and those who are no longer with us - safely there and back…

girlontape + killing hawk, happy together
la vuelta / going home