christopher does seattle

Video artist Christopher Steadman has just been selected for a show curated by Video Art pioneer, Gary Hill, at Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art. 

Tell us about sounds and objects you work with?
The sounds I use are all recorded at the time of shooting. Sometimes I create the soundscape before the video. The sound for all my work, especially the more recent pieces, is as important as the visuals. Mostly they work in harmony. As far as objects, I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t use in a piece as long as it makes sense in context. I’ve used a cup of tea, rubber gloves, an elevator… When I shoot on location it becomes as much about the setting as it does about any subject material or theme.
Photo From 3-Channel Video Loops Installation "Micro Chaos". Photo: Christopher Steadman

of dogs and men

Laika: When people show you who they are, believe them.

Stef: Did you just make that up?

Laika: It's Maya Angelou, silly.

Stef: Oh - right. But, the thing is... I Love Him!

Laika: Well he doesn't love you, he only loves what you give him.

Stef: Source?

Laika: Mina, of course.

Stef: Damn, girl. You're a regular treasure trove of quotations.

Laika: I can do it in Italian too, watch. Per lui non conta quello che sei, ma soltanto cosa gli daaaaiiii....

Stef: OK I get it - I get it! ***snif***

Laika: Maledetto il sesso, che picchia così forteeeee....

Stef: For god's sake shut up before my head explodes!

Laika: The road to sex is paved with good intentions.

Stef: Who said that??

Laika: You did. Remember? Way back in '86... you were standing in the kitchen at a party in Allston and suddenly, it came to you. And Joey was standing right there with you and he laughed.

Stef: Joey...Joey! What a monster he turned out to be.

Laika: Don't they all. Wanna go for a walk? I'm sure it'll make you feel better!

Stef: I'm beat...whatever you say.

what a difference a year made

november 2010: girlontape celebrates ruby, the moroccan mata hari.
we all thought for sure this was the stake that would drive through the vampire's heart once and for all... but no, it survived.
november 2011: girlontape celebrates la fin du régime.
but it's a bittersweet feeling, because now the cayman and his cohorts are done plundering our once thriving, ravishing country, there's really not much left to do except follow the rest of the brain drain outta here.

OK, Jeremy

"We need to use the social media to create a new economy and a new society for the world. That’s your job. That’s the mission of the blogs all over the world. I would say spread the narrative – spread the story. October 15 is an example."

from Jeremy Rifkin's interview with the web observer after his speech at Rome's Teatro Valle, which opened in 1727, and which has been occupied by artists since June 14
the Teatro Valle float at Occupy Rome, Oct. 15

"The locus of control over energy production and distribution is beginning to tilt from giant fossil fuel based centralized energy companies to millions of small producers, who are generating their own renewable energies in their dwellings and trading surpluses in info-energy commons.

The new era will bring with it a reorganization of power relationships across every level of society.

While the fossil fuel-based First and Second Industrial Revolutions scaled vertically and favored centralized, top-down organizational structures operating in markets, the Third Industrial Revolution is organized nodally, scales laterally, and favors distributed and collaborative business practices that work most effectively in networks.

The "democratization of energy" has profound implications for how we orchestrate the entirety of human life in the coming century. We are entering the era of "Distributed Capitalism."

The adversarial relationship between sellers and buyers is replaced by a collaborative relationship between suppliers and users. Self-interest is subsumed by shared interest.

The new focus on transparency over secrecy is based on the premise that adding value to the network doesn't depreciate ones own stock, but, rather, appreciates everyone's holdings as equal nodes in a common endeavor."

Excerpt from Rifkin's latest book, The Third Industrial Revolutionreproduced from The Huffington Post

Occupy Rome, Oct. 15


valentina victrix

Ever since writing my screenplay about Caterina Sforza, the 15th century warrior countess who was admired by poets, soldiers, kings and Machiavelli himself, I've found images of sword-wielding women compelling. 
This is a picture of fencing gold medalist Valentina Vezzali, who just won her sixth world championship in Catania, Italy. 
We love Valentina because she shows us of an aspect of fierce womanhood we don't see enough of - and because she loves dogs: last summer she appeared in a PSA urging people not to abandon their pets during the holidays.

la lista di ieri

  • ottenuto un 50mm e delle ciglia finte
  • firmato per il referendum anti-porcellum (da quelli dell'IdV)
  • presenziato ennesima rissa al san calisto (ma ci tocca tornare perché, dove altro lo troviamo un bloody mary a 3,50? molto buffe le analisi post rissa dei faux intellettuali ai tavolini accanto; roma fai cascare le braccia ma ti voglio bene uguale...)
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