para todos los callejeros y sus protectoras... para mi perro MILO... estes donde estes mi amado... cualquier pista se agradece y se recompensa:           


chateaubriand moments

Chaque homme porte en lui un monde composé de tout ce qu'il a vu et aimé,
et où il rentre sans cesse, alors meme qu'il parcours
et semble habiter un monde étranger. 
- Voyage en Italie

Which is the inner world, and which the strange outer one I only seem to inhabit? I find it hard to say, but this morning I stepped out of a dream in which you had come back only to lose you again
straight onto our misty hillside, on which my dog flashed in and out of the gloom like a fiery little deer - and it was a fairy tale all the way through....

the three ages of man/le tre età dell'uomo

5 years old: If a bad guy comes along Stef... just call me with your cell phone, and I'll come flying, LIKE SUPERMAN! And I'll knock him out - LIKE THIS!!

19 years old: You really do my head in Stef - can we get together? I know all there is to know about love.

46 years old: It's the feminists' fault all the men turned gay - not me though - I can handle a liberated woman like you.

5 anni:  Se arriva un cattivo Stef… mi chiami col tuo cellulare e io arrivo volando, COME SUPERMAN! E lo faccio fuori…così… guarda…. COSI!!!

19 anni: Mi fai stare troppo male… posso venire a casa tua? Sull’amore non ho niente da imparare.

46 anni: Colpa di voi femministe se adesso sono tutti gay… tranne io, quelle come te le so gestire.