my own private cambodia

 discovering Becky, Moniroth in her princess dress & the karaoke club at last • riding four to a motorcycle like Khmers • the Jasmine Revolution • pajamas are for sleeping/dogs are not for eating! • Bob's down by the river, Paddy's by the guesthouse & Fat Sam's on the main drag • nightmare in Japan • I Scream, But I'm Not Mean! • Khmer kids repeating Oh My God! and Action! everywhere we go • Benghazi is burning • Nescafé, Klang beer & Liberation cigarettes • Aaliyah to Duccio: "By the time i'm through with you there won't be any you left... you're gonna be camembert!" • Do I look jaundiced? • Where's Rod? • Can, can! • Are You Following Me?

hoy! charly darling, jacko, gaby setton, girlontape y más en eleven arte

no se pierdan la perfo de mi charly darling adorée aka la realeza de Buenos Aires y la supermúsica del genialisimo jacko.... todo un honor para mi of course

from cambodia with love

the cambodian guesthouse esthetic... words fail me

yesterday we visited the museum at the killing fields.
i saw the tree where they tied children up before beating them to death, and the other tree where they hung the loudspeaker to cover the screams of the dying.

after the wrap party we went to the awesome led zeppelin café. girlontape danced to def leppard, iggy pop & the dead kennedys of course

my ten-year-old hero: "I really think you should stop smoking Stef - it's not good for you."
girlontape: "Your saying that makes me love you even more dearest Moniroth! Wanna listen to a cool tune?"
the cure: "W
ednesday I don't care about you, Friday I was in love."

cambodia calling part 11

when she grows up, my ten-year-old hero wants to be:
1. a doctor
2. a scientist
3. a film director
4. a fashion designer

keeping close to the ground... the Khmer way

decorating Stef's copy of the script with robots & martians

Chaisim (solidarity) and Vitou (who always gives me an Angelina attack)

he plays a baddie but he's a nice man

some of our extras plus Song on the right.
i really dig Song... he works hard, keeps quiet, and always looks out for the kids.

the day of the elephant and more

Her human protector, an ex government official, found her orphaned in the jungle sixteen years ago, took her home, and registered her as his daughter.
No one is allowed to ride, jail, or otherwise harass her, so she gets to lope around his extensive property, shaking the trees and throwing mud on her back all day long.
She's so curious and funny - she literally stuck her nose in everything: the camera, the van... our faces...

Ilaria asked, "Are you crying because you're afraid of the elephant?"
Kiri said, "No, I'm crying because I love her."
"I understand," said Ilaria. "Sometimes I look at my husband and I cry because I love him."

The girls show Pietro a video from their Khmer dance class.

Father and son, our extras for a day... this man was so kind to us. But then all Khmer people are kindness incarnate.

Here's a perfect example of Khmer body language: everybody together, close to the ground.


Ilaria and Canelle.

birthday in cambodia

girlontape turned 45: the cast & crew indulged (almost) all her whims
every time i look at this little boy i get an angelina attack
srey-peh's mom is so sweet... like mother like daughter
here's another good man. made in cambodia
i am your friend... i wish you no harm

cambodia calling part 10

the boat amazon was really something
everyone gets to sit on the camera case but me - thank you alex
my ten-year-old hero did the slate today
those cambodian boys really knock me out
this little man stole my heart - he told me he never had a birthday party but he thinks he's eight years old

take me to the river

happiness is making movies. how could i ever forget?
the sweetness of srey. every day she gives me another flower

they're creative, they're adventurous, they're parents, and they're in love: these two people are living proof that it can be done... my inspiration over the years