mysterious, enchanting

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow." - The Talmud

the book of lists (a preview)

the meadow behind my house, by kat ziegler

The voice of forest water in the night, a woman's laughter in the dark, the clean, hard rattle of raked gravel, the cricketing stitch of midday in hot meadows, the delicate web of children's voices in bright air - these things will never change. The glitter of sunlight on roughened water, the glory of the stars, the innocence of morning, the smell of the sea in harbors, the feathery blur and smoky buddings of young boughs, and something there that comes and goes and never can be captured, the thorn of spring, the sharp and tongueless cry - these things will always be the same.

Thomas Wolfe, You Can't Go Home Again, 1940

Still less can the sculptor depict the love-light in a person's eyes, with their black or blue colouring; the colour of blond hair; the gleam of weapons;  the darkness of night; a tempest at sea; thunder and lightning; a city in conflagration; or the break of rosy dawn with its rays of gold and red. 

Baldassarre Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier, 1528 

It is the hour of the mallow and the poppy, of jasmine and flowering gorse, of the thistle and the passion flower, of tiny strawberries starring the moss at the foot of the pine trees, of the violet and the rambling rose, of acacia and eucalyptus honeying the air. In our meadow we also have: a number of small grey foxes, hedgehogs curling in the brambles, the lizard and the grass snake, a flock of shrieking parrots, their long emerald tails slicing through the air, and my dog Charlie, buried under a pomegranate tree.

girlontape, 2013

kat and stef, sailing the man sea and trying to understand....

ph: kat ziegler

"casual sex is like recreational heroin - it doesn't stay recreational for long...." 

photography according to my cousin paolo

 "Fotografare è trattenere il respiro per captare la realtà che fugge: una gioia fisica e intellettuale."

"Taking a picture is holding your breath to capture fleeting reality: a physical and intellectual joy."

"Fotografiar es retener el respiro para captar la realidad fugaz: un deleite fisico e intelectual."


maitena a sus 14 años, frente al asilo de ancianos cerca de la iglesia del pilar en la recoleta, donde ahora està el design center
ph: marcelo iaccarino

Acabo de leer un libro impresionante. 

En este libro vive una prosa muscular y cinematica que te lleva cual maquina del tiempo hacia una Buenos Aires que ya no existe mas, en donde una chica rebelde se mide con una familia demencial en una sociedad arrasada por fuerzas siniestras. 

En este libro hay lucha, hay garra, hay ternura y maldad, encanto y pavor, hay humor negro, negrisimo, y droga y sexo y algo de rocanrol, y las huellas de un patito estirandose hacia la vida para dibujar el cisne que serà... es un autorretrato de la artista adolescente... es RUMBLE, de Maitena Burundarena.

pasaje seaver, posadas casi cerrito - fue demolido para hacer la avenida 9 de julio